Interview mit DerDon - Teilnehmer an der WSOBP

Together with his team partner "medico" ( to interview with medico ), Raphael Held aka "DerDon" participated in the World Series of Beer Pong VIII (WSOBP) in January 2013. DerDon told us how they came to the trip, how the organization is doing in the US, and gives us more interesting insights into the WSOBP. In what kind of event did you play Beer Pong for the first time, medico?

DerDon: For me it was a barbecue with friends. Shortly before they had at a tournament of bpong.atplayed along and won this right away. I played my first tournament a year later in Filou and lo and behold, we finished third. Due to the fun and the quick success, the addiction was almost inevitable. In Austria there are many Beer Pong tournaments every year. How many have you participated so far?

DerDon: Since 2011, I have actually played all tournaments in Tyrol. I have also made some successful Beer Pong Road Trips all over Austria and even to Germany it has already struck us. The trip to the WSOBP was sponsored by the brewery Zipfer. How did it happen that you, the "Beer Pong Cracks", were allowed to fly to Las Vegas?

DerDon: Together with my partner "muerte" I had qualified for the final tournament of the Zipfer bpong series. For professional reasons muerte unfortunately could not go to the final and so I played with precious joker "medico".
At the final tournament everything went really well and we fought our way from the preliminary round to the final. There were clear games but also very tight games where both teams could have gone up. But as it turned out we were invincible that evening! As the winner of the Zipfer bpong series, we were able to participate in this year's World Series of Beer Pong at the brewery's expense. you were already other Austrian teams in Vegas. The best team so far had won 12 out of 12 games in the WSOBP VI. How did you feel that? Was that more of pressure or motivation?

DerDon: There was a lot of talk about it, but I felt that this was motivation rather than pressure. We now have our own odds of 5 wins and 7 losses. This makes planning easier for WSOBP VII because we know where we stand compared to the strong Americans and what we still have to work on to reach the third day, the final day. It was your first participation in the WSOBP and so there was also some uncertainty about how the whole thing will work out. How did you prepare for the biggest Beer Pong tournament in the world?

DerDon: Having had just over a month to travel to Las Vegas, we spent almost one or three hours training almost every day. The training consisted mainly of 1on1, occasionally also games against friendly teams. What was your goal for the tournament? Sure, you wanted to get as far as possible. But have you set yourself a minimum goal, which you wanted to achieve in any case?

DerDon: Our goal was clear: we wanted to reach the third day and win at least 8 out of 12 games. Let's push the tournament aside for a moment . What was your first impression of the city of sins?

Derdon:Mouth open and WOW! Unlike medico, it was my first visit to the US at all and then it went straight to Vegas! Awesome!
The great thing about this city is that you can get on the plane with the same feeling when you leave. I think you can still get to know a lot of new things during your 10th visit to Vegas. We like to believe that. But now back to the WSOBP: What was your impression of the organization of the tournament? After all, it is the largest Beer Pong tournament in the world and there are nearly 400 teams participating.

Derdon:It has been seen that the guys have been doing this for a while and it was not their first WSOBP. Everything was well planned and everyone knew when he had to be there. The SMS reminder was great too; he always told you 10 minutes before the game that you have to play soon. On your association page you can read about how you got game by game and day by day. Can you give us key moments, both positive and negative?

Derdon:In my opinion, there were two key moments: Right on the first day, when we had 3 wins after 3 games and could not grasp what was going on there. And then on Day 2, when we were treated unfairly by the referees in the third game: The game was not scored for us. Instead, we cashed a bitter defeat. According to WSOBP rules, both teams have five minutes to appear at the table for the game. If the time has expired and a team has not appeared, then the game is scored 10-0. We had to wait 15 minutes and then had to play. As already mentioned, unfortunately we lost the game just in overtime. rules of the WSOBP always emphasize that fair play is very important. Did you feel something about it? Did the teams treat each other in a particularly fair manner?

DerDon: You have to say that everyone at WSOBP is a big family. During the game everything is tried to distract the opponent at his throw; but everything within the scope of the allowed. As soon as the game is over, everyone falls in love and thank you for a good game. At the WSOBP the winner can win USD 50'000. Do you notice that during the tournament? So the atmosphere is tense rather than friendly?

Derdon:Everyone knows what it's all about and everyone knows the grand prize. But he is so far away on the first two days that one may dream of it, but does not really believe in winning it. What can we still look down on from the Americans here in Europe and do better with regard to organizing ( Beer Pong ) events?

DerDon: Very clear: show and mood. The tournament starts at 10:30 in the morning with great DJs and GOGO dancers, who provide a great atmosphere right from the start. Maybe all players should relax a bit and see the whole thing for what it is: a game that is fun and that everyone wants to have a great evening. you recommend a trip to Vegas and participation in the WSOPB ?

DerDon: I can only say, go and see it! You have to see Las Vegas and the WSOBP. We are already planning our trip to Vegas to WSOBP IX.

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