Wissenswertes über Bier

Beer Pong would not be Beer Pong and certainly not one of the most popular party games in the world, if you could play it without one of the world's most popular drinks: beer!

Every German drinks an average of over 100 liters of beer a year. According to the development of the per capita consumption of beer in Germany, consumption has been declining for years. Each German drank in 2000 still 125 liters of beer, it was 2010 only 107 liters. Accordingly, beer sales in Germany have fallen steadily in recent years. Nonetheless, Germany is the largest market for beer in Europe and even the third largest in the world!

The following infographic from the statistics portal statista shows some really interesting facts about beer. Among other things, the declining sales of beer in Germany can be seen, but one also recognizes which type of beer is consumed the most.

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