Worth knowing about beer

Beer Pong would not be Beer Pong and certainly not one of the most popular party games in the world, if you could play it without one of the world's most popular drinks: beer!   

Every German drinks an average of over 100 liters of beer a year. According to the development of the per capita consumption of beer in Germany, consumption has been declining for years. Each German drank in 2000 125 liters of beer, it was only 107 liters. Accordingly, beer sales in Germany have fallen steadily in recent years. Nonetheless, Germany is the largest market for beer in Europe and third largest in the world!       

The following is an illustration of some really interesting facts about beer. Among other things, the declining sales of beer in Germany can be seen, but one recognizes which type of beer is consumed the most.


There are many Beer Pong tables on the market: collapsible and easy to transport, made of aluminum, made of sturdy wood, self-built tables or you just use beer benches. But such a Beer Pong Table is not available in any shop! Although the video is a bit older, we're sure it's not. What is a portable and light table against search, with built-in speakers that pulsates to the music and thus has an automatic ball wash? We are definitely amazed by this ingenious table and pay the utmost respect to the manufacturer for their work. So you?     

If you have any pictures or videos about Beer Pong tables, please post them in the comments so you can see them. 


 2018 is coming to an end so it's time to start thinking about (good) intentions for the next twelve months! Every year, people say they want to improve in the new year, but usually fail in the first few weeks of the "challenge". For 2019, we have considered the particular child of intentions, those are not necessarily an asceticism or enormous challenge, but that is associated with Beer Pong and a lot of fun and social fun. "I'll be a good sportsman" Of course, it's time for your opponent to come and go. But it's true  that the majority of sociable people are more interested in funny people with a sense of humor.

Cheer on opposing teams and having fun with each other. Beer pong tables are nowhere to be found. So why use a shabby old table or a beer bench to play games? A nicer and newer Beer Pong will not help you in winning, but it looks much more impressive! What are you waiting for? Meanwhile, there's no excuse not to talk about our environment, above all,  you just could do something like this: Just take the red cups after a Beer Pong game, wash them out and use them again at the next party. 


Anyone who deals with Beer Pong and / or plays regularly has most likely already heard of the World Series of Beer Pong (WSOBP) . The biggest Beer Pong tournament in the world has been rising every year since 2006 in Las Vegas. Over the course of several days, the supposedly best players in the world duel on a Bierpong table and try to fight their way through to the finals game by game to have a realistic chance of winning the grand prize: $ 50,000.

In order to play at the biggest Beer Pong tournament you have to qualify via the so called "Satellite Tournaments". These are smaller tournaments, which are all over the year in the United States. The winner of the respective tournament may prove his prize as a prize at the upcoming WSOBP. As the "Satellite Tournaments" are limited to the US only, there is the possibility for teams outside the states to shop or register. For a fixed amount of the organizers, you can stay at the hotel "Flamingo" and one of the coveted seats at the tournament.       

While at the beginning of the WSOBP mostly only Americans and Canadians took part, the field of participants widened from year to year until the first Europeans made their way to Vegas. Especially in the last few years, as well Beer Pong became  more and more popular and popular  in Europe  . If one believes the organizers, there are now about 100 teams from outside the United States who are in the lead for the grand prize.